STEM Jobs and Skills

The STEM Jobs & Skills Working Group was established to educate Parliament and Government, carry out research and propose policy designed to further the aims of promoting high-tech science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) related aviation jobs throughout the UK. The group will function as a dedicated team of experts and parliamentarians to greater inform and coordinate the action of the whole All-Party Parliamentary Group for General Aviation when representing STEM education issues to Government. As with the four existing APPG Working Groups, the STEM Jobs & Skills Group is made up of the country’s leading experts; in this case with knowledge of STEM-related aviation training and jobs. The group selected its own Sector and Parliamentary Chairs and has established its own detailed programme of work. This will be published alongside the other Working Group programmes on the APPG website and publicised across the aviation sector for further industry-wide input. The new STEM Jobs & Skills Working Group will work closely alongside our existing expert Working Groups to help develop cross-cutting policies.