Parliamentary group on General Aviation seeks assurances from new Chief Executive of Civil Aviation Authority

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on General Aviation’s Airspace Working Group has written to the new Chief Executive of the Civil Aviation Authority, Richard Moriarty, to welcome him to his role and ask how he “intends to ensure that General Aviation needs are understood and addressed” in airspace strategy.

In the letter, members of the Airspace Working Group say they are “disappointed” that their efforts to discuss the growth in controlled airspace with the Civil Aviation Authority have been rebuffed. The full letter to Richard Moriarty can be read below.

The Airspace Working Group also draw attention to lower airspace strategy, expressing concerns that an agreement appears to have been reached with a number of airports on how lower airspace will look like. The Working Group asks for more information about this agreement, and how the needs of General Aviation will be addressed.

Commenting on the letter, Grant Shapps MP, Chair of the all-party group said: “The effective management of the UK’s airspace that balances the needs and interests of all users, is absolutely essential. The all-party parliamentary group therefore wants to work with the Civil Aviation Authority to make sure that our airspace works for everyone.

“The Airspace Working Group will be conducting an inquiry into a lower airspace strategy, so engagement from organisations such as the CAA and NATS is very welcome.”

Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate, Parliamentary Chair of the Airspace Working Group, said: “We understand that an agreement has been reached between CAA and NATS on how at least a significant part of the lower airspace will be redesigned by a number of airports working in collaboration, using a CAA process which will include Airspace Change Proposals.

“On the face of it, this appears to be a plan within which CAA, NATS and 15 airports will decide what the airspace should look like, and then collaborate to make it happen. We would like to understand the strategy behind the plan, how this redesign is being governed, and how the CAA intends to ensure that General Aviation needs are understood and addressed.”



The All-Party Parliamentary Group on General Aviation has 155 parliamentary members from across both Houses of Parliament, and all the major political parties. The full membership can be found at

The programme for the Airspace Working Group can be read here: