APPG-GA Welcomes EASA’s Renewed Commitment to GA at 2018 Safety Conference

Representatives of the All Party Group on General Aviation (APPG-GA) travelled to Vienna to contribute to the 2018 EASA Annual Safety Conference held from the 5th to the 7th of November. The conference comprised two days of panel discussions aimed at building consensus on the solutions to the challenges that are presented by the rapid innovation that is taking place in the General Aviation Industry. Discussions were held on a range of topics including innovative technologies in GA, making modern aircraft more affordable, sharing the airspace, and new business models within GA. The Chair of the APPG-GA, Grant Shapps MP was invited to participate in a panel discussion on new business models in GA. Speaking alongside representatives of Flight Sharing platforms and businesses working towards the concept of urban air mobility. Grant praised EASA’s forward thinking on these technologies, but cautioned that simply making regulations does not bring business into existence; commercial and cultural factors must also be considered. The event sought to build on the work of the conference held in Rome in 2014 where EASA committed to the first GA Roadmap, starting the process of a range of measures which have and will continue to benefit GA through simplifying regulations and recognising the industry’s unique needs. Closing the Conference, EASA’s Executive Director Patrick Ky renewed the organisation’s commitment to supporting General Aviation through a new GA Roadmap 2.0 to follow the work that has already taken place. In his speech, Ky pledged to finish the work of the first GA Roadmap and to maintain GA as a high priority. He suggested that EASA would take action to create a GA Safety Promotion platform, establish policy for new high-tech introduction, and adapt regulatory requirements to facilitate new business models. Welcoming the comments made by the EASA Executive Director, Chair of the APPG-GA Grant Shapps said:  “It was fantastic to represent the APPG-GA at the EASA Safety Conference, alongside many other great GA organisations from the UK. The APPG welcomes the comments of Patrick Ky that GA will remain a priority for EASA in the coming years. This conference highlighted the great passion and sense of community which is unique to the GA sector. The future is very exciting indeed for GA if regulators can follow through on the pledges made here.” Notes to Editors  

  1. For further information, please contact APPG-GA Head of Secretariat James Shipp at shipp@generalaviationappg.ukor on 0207 219 8497.